“Village”- External meeting rooms


In collaboration with local partners, Mountain Lab offers access to external meeting spaces and rooms that are ideal for larger groups, team meetings or breakout sessions.

In this initiative, we attach particular importance to the involvement of local people, making it possible to provide a wide range of places to meet. All rooms are located in Adelboden and easily accessible from Mountain Lab.




Stylish red decor, excellent acoustics, plenty of space and a large screen with a digital projector - Ciné-Rex in the centre of the village is ideal for moviegoers but also perfect for a working meeting. With over 200 seats and a Dolby digital sound system, the screening lounge is the perfect venue for listening and being heard.

Capacity: 210 guests Area: 230 m2

Infrastructure on site: Free parking spaces / screen / digital projector / microphone

 Price: CHF 450 per half day

Address: Ciné-Rex, Landstrasse 18, 3715 Adelboden


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Groups and companies can book the bar area in advance and enjoy an aperitif. Now, this comfortable, central location is taking another step in the direction of business operations - the tasteful bar with a small wine selection and its own micro-brewery is also available for meetings in connection with the Mountain Lab. It goes without saying that the in-house drinks selection can also be sampled.   

Capacity: 20 guests Area: m2

Infrastructure on site: WLAN

Price: Daily price per guest CHF 40, from 10 guests CHF 30/person        

Address: Trinkbar, Dorfstrasse 13, 3715 Adelboden


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An unusual location makes the ideas sparkle - all the more so when the sparks are for real. Anyone gathering in Josi Ofenbau's exhibition room can certainly enjoy a crackling fire from the comfort of a soft armchair. Exuding warmth, these rooms on Dorfstrasse provide a cosy, feel-good ambience completed by natural stone and a wooden table. 

Capacity: 6-10 guests Area: m2

Infrastructure on site:

Price: CHF 150 per half day / CHF 300 per full day

Address: Josi Ofenbau, Dorfstrasse 55, 3715 Adelboden


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Alpine Cabin

In just five minutes, the colourful gondola chair lift trio carries you from the village centre to a top-class meeting room. Up here at 1950 m (6398 ft.) above sea level, it is easy for participants to let their thoughts wander and to develop visionary ideas. On our "mountain of views", informal exchanges can be easily combined with a bracing walk. 

Capacity: 20 guests Area: m2

Infrastructure on site: WLAN

Price: from 6 guests CHF 25/person per half day

Address: TschentenAlp, Bellevuegässli 4, 3715 Adelboden


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Only those who understand the past can shape the future in an enduring way. The retro sports equipment, clothes and minerals in the former English church building have a correspondingly stimulating effect at business meetings. Adelboden's tradition and customs are characterised by quality and authenticity - and this is certain to be reflected in each working session.

Capacity: 10-12 guests Area: m2

Infrastructure on site: Permanent exhibition

Price: CHF 100 per half day

Address: Heimatmuseum, Landstrasse vis-a-vis CineRex, 3715 Adelboden


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Hotel “The Cambrian”

"Stay. See. Do."  This is the motto of the hotel with its breathtaking mountain panorama. In fact, the "Cambrian" is also a perfect alternative to an office meeting. Here an authentic Alpine atmosphere meets cosmopolitan comfort. Furthermore, hard work can be perfectly complemented with a relaxing visit to the spa zone.

Room "Adelboden" 102 m2 Infrastructure on site: beamer/screen/sound system/microphone with private terrace and stunning views of the mountain panorama,
Capacity: 80 guests

Room “Clubroom I” 23 m2                    
Flat-screen TV 65”/sound system   
Capacity: 10 guests                                

Room “Clubroom II” 19 m2                  
Flat-screen TV 65”/sound system
Capacity: 10 guests

+ flip-chart, pin-board, presentation materials, pad, ballpoint pen


Full-day conference package:

CHF 99.00 per person/day incl. two-course business lunch, two coffee breaks (The Cambrian Coffee Corner), room hire and technical equipment

Half-day conference package:

CHF 84.00 per person/day incl. two-course business lunch, one coffee break (The Cambrian Coffee Corner), room hire and technical equipment

Address: The Cambrian Hotel, Dorfstrasse 7, 3715 Adelboden


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The exhibition at Chalet Alpenrose stands for new opportunities, the value of cooperation, and plenty of professional drive. In this respect, the rooms are ideally suited as a source of inspiration at meetings. The bright, tasteful and wood-furnished showroom on Dorfstrasse can also be simply a place to unwind. 

Capacity: 10-12 guests         Area: m2

Infrastructure on site: WiFi 

Price: CHF 100 - 150 per half day

Address: Showroom Künzi & Knutti, Dorfstrasse 39, 3715 Adelboden


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